In this article, we have specially prepared for lighting ideas for your kitchen. Kitchens - a place where the worlds of action and fantasy meet, and beautifully illuminate it - then add to it a stylish, pleasant atmosphere. Even if you do not plan a major renovation of your kitchen, changing the lighting - from the luminous path to the magnificent candlestick - will breathe new life into the interior of your kitchen. In addition, it is fairly fast and mostly inexpensive.

What is the best type of lighting for your kitchen ? Brilliant light gives delicate, warm yellowish light, and is used for recessed light or down lights. Incandescent lamps deliver a fresh white light bright lights, which have a long life and low vitality use, now come in a wide range of shades from warm to cool.

LED Strip Under Hanging Cupboards

This tape with LEDs is one of the best of the world, which makes it an ideal way of lighting the countertop and oven. It can be any length, so it spreads light evenly. Their food can be mounted in the wall, or simply inserted into the outlet.

LED Light Cord

Like LED stripes, this type is better used for lighting table tops. They are also easy to install, and they can be set directly under the lockers - the difference is small, your choice depends on your tastes.

Decorative Chandelier

One of the fastest ways to give your kitchen a special style. Chandelier without visible fastening with decorative details - in this case it is a drum with interesting geometric cutouts - an excellent addition that costs only a few screwdriver revolutions.

Pendant Lamp

If you have a bar in the kitchen or a separate breakfast table, we recommend that you consider it a lamp above it. This will give the room a style and coziness.

Shaded Lighting

Lamps in the form of washers are easy to install, and they will look good anywhere. They are disks in which LED lamps are built in. The discs are small, which allows them to be used in any places. Lamps are connected to the hands, but you can do it simply by simply inserting batteries into them.

Lamps In The Lockers

Lighting inside the locker is a very practical thing, especially in deep gold dark cupboards. But in small lockers it is useful, especially if the doors are glass. The light will romantically illuminate your dessert and glasses for wine.

Lighting Above The Cupboards

You can also install, for example, the same LED cords from above on the lockers - this will give a coziness and aesthetics.

Track Fixtures

If you can not fit your kitchen, you can try the track. They can be distributed throughout the entire area, connected by a junction box. This will allow you to direct the light to where you need it.

Spectacular Chandelier

Another, very simple way to make the kitchen more impressive - to change your candlestick for more spectacular. Do not be afraid to fantasize - you're still in the kitchen!